Flute Lessons

Adjunct Professor of Flute
Texas Wesleyan University, Ft. Worth
Southwestern Adventist University, Keene
Flute, Flute Ensemble, Chamber Music, Music History and Appreciation, Woodwind Technique and Pedagogy, Research in Music
Send any questions my way regarding joining the flute studios at Wesleyan or SWAU!
We would love to welcome you to our flute community!

Private flute lessons since 2001 for all ages in the D/FW area
No experience necessary
Adults returning to or beginning the instrument are very welcome
Online lessons via GoogleChat or Skype are also available
Contact me with any questions or to schedule a lesson!


Teaching has presented many beautiful opportunities to explore all types of learning needs and interests.  Every student presents different needs and abilities, and I love discovering how to appropriately challenge and inspire each individual through a mixture of clear verbal instruction and physical and aural demonstration.

Together, we continually explore and add to our knowledge of music’s foundation and background which encourages all to interpret information creatively and independently, rather than to simply follow instructions with no true understanding.  I want to hear your interpretation and your voice in the music!

Overall, my main desire is to support and balance educational needs and enjoyment.  Lessons and classes present a variety of challenges both mentally and physically, but I strive to keep the level of difficulty appropriate while providing encouragement with ample humor and laughter.  Especially laughter. We tend to laugh a lot.