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Whole Musician is a collective of five uniquely experienced flutists collaborating to offer unparalleled intensive retreats addressing the mental, physical, and musical demands placed on the 21st century performer.


Workshops include traditional masterclasses and lessons, as well as sessions on life coaching, instruction in yoga, fitness, the Feldenkrais® method, nutrition, the psychology of performing, stage fright, interpretation, finding and validating one’s individual voice, career management, and being a receptive and giving artist and listener.



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Personal interactions with each of the faculty, each bringing their individual expertise to the fore, means a retreat experience which enhances the physical performing body, enriches the performing mind, and opens the performer’s heart all with the goal of aiding participants to realize their personal potential for success. Our team is dedicated to creating enriching and nurturing environments in which participants are surrounded by a supportive, like-minded community.

Dr. Meg Griffith (USA)
Dr. Megan Lanz (USA)
Christopher Lee (Canada)
Dr. Rik Noyce (USA)
Niall O’Riordan (England)



Whole Musician LeeRetreats

Offered in various locations throughout North America and Europe, Whole Musician retreats cater to musicians of varying levels of experience wishing to gain insight into and advance their abilities as performing artists in the modern world.  During retreats, participants will be coached in an atmosphere of openness and cooperation with faculty and other participants. This is a truly unique opportunity for participants to work with the faculty in all these areas of specialization simultaneously, thereby furthering the concept of developing a body, mind, and heart toward better flute playing. This approach leads each of us, both faculty and student, to becoming Whole Musicians in the 21st century.


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