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Private lessons available for 1 to 2 people
Focus of lessons and practice varies based on the desires and interests of the student. Private lessons can become mini-workshops on specific poses, can more deeply incorporate discussion of yogic philosophy within the asanas, or can be tailored to meet the health and physical needs of the yogi.

Hatha Flows
Themed classes offer options for intention and self-discovery while allowing room for each yogi’s personal journey on and off the mat. Discover beautiful modifications through the use of props, the wall and floor, and the body itself that allow for a new expression for each pose and create new awareness surrounding the parts of the body that serve us day in and day out without asking for anything in return.  Classes build heat and energy while providing a stable, calming backdrop for the mind to settle into as the activity increases.

Through a solid connection to the tradition of this beautiful practice, we focus the mind on the breath and practice meditation within movement while building cleansing heat.  Instructor-Led and By-Your-Own-Breath approaches validate every yogi’s approach to exploring each pose.  Assists and awareness of modifications that allow for every body type and prep us for our ultimate expression of the practice make for an intensely personal and purposeful experience.

Workshops and Classes

Topics include in-depth discussion and breakdown of specific postures and flows within Hatha and Ashtanga, exploration and strengthening of specific muscles and muscle groups that are utilized in our poses and in daily life, and yogic philosophy through the Sūtras and their application and need within life on and off the mat.  Also open to requests!

Yoga for Musicians (or any other art form)
From heightened awareness and clarity to greater stability physically and mentally to gaining control of stage anxiety to facing the competitive music world with equanimity and love, yoga has completely changed my approach and experience as a professional musician. Breathing, knowledge and awareness of the use of the legs and arms, and posture and general carriage of the body are just a few physical approaches that can lead to beautiful changes in an artist’s physical life. Slowing and stilling the mind for greater focus and control, self-discovery surrounding reactions to oneself and to others, and greater happiness and enjoyment of one’s art form through asana and yogic philosophy balance the mental and physical and allow full use of oneself as an artist.  As a high school class, a college course, a workshop or series for members of large and small groups, or as private sessions for artists, yoga in movement and philosophy tailored for artists provides something truly special within the art world.  Having explored the dark and light side of myself within my own art, I provide support, empathy, and experience to help apply yoga to the varying needs of an artist.

Yoga at Work
Much of our time is spent at work, behind a desk, behind the wheel and in traffic, and working as a group.  Physically, this changes the length and shape of our muscles and can create tension or pain.  Mentally, this can affect how we handle stress, problem solving, personal relationships, and balance our attention to self vs work.  Provide healthy release and newfound clarity and awareness for your employees or coworkers by treating them to a yoga series geared directly toward their needs and interests.  All classes will be tailored based on the group’s direction and focus, whether that comes from a more individual source or from a need for increased partnership and energy around the office.  Timing of classes are based on office hours and employee requests.

Registered with Yoga Alliance
Fully insured
200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
Yoga Shala Lubbock
Dr. Lisa Garner Santa